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As retailers and packaging manufacturers work together to ensure their packaging materials and processes are as responsible as possible, new opportunities for innovation are born.

An example of this is the emerging Fundamentals trend, defined by Packaging Gateway in a recent article like this:

“Fundamentals is based an increasing desire amongst consumers for strong relationships with their belongings and environments… [which may] result in demand for quality packaging that uses natural materials and colors.”

The article goes on to elaborate that this trend is especially applicable for luxury packaging.

We couldn’t agree more.

Luxury brands such as Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom have been transitioning to FSC and PCW papers (read more about packaging terminology) for their shopping bags in response to environmental issues introduced by municipalities throughout the country.

Through its artwork and paper material, these bags signify environmental consciousness while simultaneously telling a compelling story of a responsible, “earthy” approach by a major luxury retailers to connect with the consumers on a level higher than the purchase itself.

While it’s true that the paper material used – PCW – is not a new innovation on its own, the use of it in an intentional way to enhance the product’s authenticity is indicative of the new Fundamentals movement.

As more and more luxury brands move to responsible packaging, we expect to see traction grow in the mainstream market, creating a tremendous opportunity for packaging manufacturers to “lead the charge” by introducing new natural sources for packaging that will help any retailer tell a compelling story in the modern age.

How important is a compelling story to your packaging program?

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