Things to Consider Before Ordering Paper Shopping Bags

Exploring options for paper shopping bags can feel overwhelming. There are tons of different types of paper options for your shopping bags. Why does that matter? The type of paper chosen for the paper shopping bags may significantly impact the ability to print on them and also their durability. The durability of the bag is extremely important if the bags are intended to hold heavy items. Before ordering paper shopping bags, these are some things you can consider:

Let’s Talk About Paper Options

paper shopping bags

When it comes to choosing the type of paper you generally will have three options:

  • SBS C1s (Solid Bleached Sulfate – Coated on one Side) – Used for marketing/printing purposes
  • CUK (Coated Unbleached Kraft Paperboard) – These are your standard brown paper bags you would see at the grocery store, they are mainly used for durability
  • Speciality Paper (wide variety of types) – Normally used for higher end products and for marketing/printing purposes

Are Paper Shopping Bags the Right Choice for my Brand?

Now that you understand the different types of paper, are paper bags the best choice for your business? Some pros and cons to consider before selecting paper shopping bags include:


  • They can be made from recycled paper
  • They are readily recyclable
  • Can be made with many layers, such as adding a water-resistant layer
  • Laminated or plastic coated paper can be used for marketing purposes to print creative designs and graphics on the bags
  • Various thickness available
  • Numerous handle options such as paper, ribbon, or rope handles
  • Spot UV, hot foil stamping, embossing or debossing can be used to add a design to high-end bags


  • Standard paper bags (like grocery bags) are generally not waterproof
  • Water-resistant coatings or layers can make it more difficult to recycle
  • Generally single time use

Have More Questions About Paper Shopping Bags?

Still have more questions or want more information on designing custom paper bags for your business. We’d love to help! Contact us today!

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