What’s Trending: Holographic Accents on Packaging

Try not to lose your balance when looking at all of this groovy holographic packaging!

Whether it’s cosmetics, apparel, home goods, or company branding, holographic effects are making a bold, attractive statement this year. And what we at Cadence Packaging Group love most about this trend is that no matter what product it’s featuring or what material it’s on (or even the customer it’s intended for), it somehow all just… WORKS. We especially love the contrast of the bold, simplistic typography against the vibrant, busy, rainbow glow of the holographic.

Holographic effects attract a wide age range – from kids and tweens, all the way to Millennials and Gen Xers. Better still, it’s effective in numerous ways, from cosmic and space-themed designs, to winter holiday themes and high-end fashion. Lastly (but certainly not least), what’s even more impressive about its versatility is you can achieve it on solid OR clear forms, such as acrylic and PVC. No matter who you’re trying to appeal to, you simply can’t deny that holographic is a show-stopping, attention-grabbing treatment.

Although most examples in the marketplace include what we in the industry call “solid holographic,” there are several textured options as well. (Didn’t know that? Now you do!) Look at us; we’re just full of good news today 🙂

In case we haven’t made it obvious enough, we’re simply crazy about this trend. We could talk all day about it! But we won’t. (Things to do, people to see… You know how it is).

Comment below and let us know what YOU think. Do you enjoy this trend as much as we do? What kind of examples have you seen in the marketplace? In your opinion, what was successful (or not-so-successful) about its execution? We’d love to talk to you about it! Don’t be shy; we’re really nice and open-minded people. We promise!



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