What’s Trending: Pastel Packaging

Breathe in… breathe out… breathe in… breathe out…

We feel so relaxed after soaking in and admiring all of the simplistic pastel packaging we’ve been seeing in the marketplace lately. How about you?

The muted blues, yellows, pinks, and greens- complemented by basic black, white, or metallic typography- brings a level of bold-yet-soft sophistication to products that we here at Cadence Packaging Group just can’t seem to get enough of.

At a time when people, places, and things can sometimes make you feel like they are shouting in your face: “Hey! Look at me! Now!,” it’s so refreshing to see some merchandise that allows you the opportunity to slow down, take a break, appreciate the quiet, and absorb the beauty of things that don’t demand your attention in an aggressive way, but instead entice you to “look a little longer, delve a little deeper,” all of your own accord. (It’s really amazing how stuff manages to do that sometimes, right?)


In our opinion, seeing products like Urban Outfitters’ Botanique Candles, or Herbivore Botanicals’ Soap Trio is like taking a ‘visual vacation.’ We can just picture ourselves snuggled up on the couch at home, looking out the window on a warm, sunny day… And to make the situation even better, let’s just go ahead and add a pint of that Pastel Ice Cream by Hive Agency into our hands! Mmmmm. (Cue a soothing, Bob Ross-esque voice).

Call us crazy, but we’re so obsessed with this kind of thing that this is where our minds go. And these are the kind of ideas and emotions we think products and packaging should invoke. That’s why we’re in the industry! This stuff matters to us. And if you’ve joined us here today to read this blog post, we’d like to think you feel the same way, too.



Poppin Blush Medium 18th Month Pocket Book Planner, 2018-2019


Urban Outfitters Botanique Candles


Pastel Ice Cream by Hive – Agency


Herbivore Botanicals Soap Trio

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