Unique Retail Packaging Solutions

At Cadence Packaging Group, we love to think outside of the box – both literally and figuratively.

Lately, we’ve been loving all of the creative and unique retail packaging examples we’ve been seeing both online and in the marketplace. We are especially inspired by retail packaging that takes advantage of its product in a humorous or clever way, while also successfully showcasing the product inside.

Whether taking advantage of a unique die cut window (check out those awesome pasta boxes!), clever uses of a gift bag, shopping bag, or box handle (hello, shoelace bag handle!), or taking advantage of the typography or imagery featured on the packaging surface (chewing gum packaging with a ‘skeleton’ inside? Yes, please!), the possibilities seem endless when it comes to featuring various products and services. We couldn’t be more pleased to see companies and retailers taking a more unconventional approach to advertising and merchandising their products, services, and organizations.



With social media outlets like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn continuing to be a driving force for how (and how often) people receive their information, it’s no wonder so many companies and agencies are taking advantage of this fast-growing advertising trend.

As this approach is becoming more and more prevalent in student projects and artists’ and designers’ conceptual work as well, we’re really looking forward to seeing even MORE packaging formats like this in the very near future.

Check out images of just a few of our favorite examples featured below (and gushed about above). Which is your favorite? Do you have questions on how you could better incorporate unique retail packaging into your company’s branding and identity? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, or contact us directly.

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