Packaging Coming to Life

Luxury brand Hermes brings their iconic packaging to life in Observatory of Orange Boxes. This is a brilliant example of how packaging can be used  to create an online brand experience.  The series of six social media videos transform the sophisticated packaging into a wild jungle of boxes acting like fierce crocodiles and funny monkeys.

Inspiration for the day

Create an emotional experience with your brand.  I love the way this brand frames the “problem,” creates the solution, and warms our heart…all through the "art of paper."

Matching Gift Challenge Next 30 Days

As buds give way to blooms this spring, do you find yourself looking for ways to honor this magnificent Earth of ours? The Nature Conservancy offers a great opportunity this month of May with a Matching Gift Challenge due to one of their generous donors who has agreed to double every gift donated by Conservancy members up to $1 million! From now through May 31st, the Conservancy will match all donations received from members, dollar for dollar. If you’re not…

Back to Fundamentals

As retailers and packaging manufacturers work together to ensure their packaging materials and processes are as responsible as possible, new opportunities for innovation are born. An example of this is the emerging Fundamentals trend, defined by Packaging Gateway in a recent article like this: “Fundamentals is based an increasing desire amongst consumers for strong relationships with their belongings and environments… [which may] result in demand for quality packaging that uses natural materials and colors.” The article goes on to elaborate…

Responsible Packaging: The New Normal

Environmental consciousness is no longer a trend. It’s a mainstream reality. Whether it’s recycling, composting or the sourcing of local goods, consumers are in pursuit of more sustainable lifestyle choices. In response, packaging manufacturers are going to great lengths to ensure their materials and processes are as “responsible” as possible. Responsible packaging, or “green packaging,” means a host of things that matter to modern-day consumers as a result of an increasingly critical awareness of environmental issues. Things like: Eco-friendly Recyclable…

Talk the Talk: Packaging Lingo Explained

Whether you are a savvy retail purchaser or a “power shopper” curious to know more about the industry, the following list of packaging terminology will ensure you can talk sensibly and smartly about packaging – to your vendors for your next promotion or to your friends at your next happy hour! Here goes the list: Paper Natural Kraft – a type of natural paper that has no coating and has not gone through a chemical bleaching process; normally brown in…

GlobalShop: 12,000 Retail Professionals Descend on Vegas

One could argue Las Vegas has more “consumables” than any other American city. Therefore it made for an extremely relevant backdrop for GlobalShop, an annual store design and retail marketing show that brings together retailers, brand marketers and industry suppliers. This year’s show was held March 18-21, 2014 at Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cadence Packaging professionals were among the 12,000 event attendees – representing all 50 U.S. states and 64 countries – there to exchange ideas…

Will Your Retail Packaging Have the Latest Pantone Colors for Spring 2014?

The Spring Fashion Color Report for spring and summer 2014 has been unveiled! Make sure you’re entering the season with style, utilizing the top forecasted men’s and women’s colors on your packaging.

Neo Materialism, Macro Trend: Objects with Physical Presence

A focused and painstaking craft brings artsy creativity and new beauty to the traditional shopping bag. Delicate scalper-cut trees are crafted inside the paper shopping bags of global fashion brands Chanel, Hermes, and Dior, exemplifying Spring/Summer 2015 macro trend, neo materialism.