Sustainable Retail Packaging

Although the idea of sustainable retail packaging is not a ‘new’ concept by any means, Cadence Packaging Group is constantly inspired by agencies’ and company’s unceasing desire to create and innovate packaging that is reusable, recyclable, compostable, and everything in-between. We personally feel it is a very admirable and forward-thinking endeavor, and it’s a growing movement (no pun intended) that we are excited to take part in. In a time when some resources are becoming limited and harder to come…

Promotional Packaging That Your Customers Will Reuse

Promotional Packaing
In terms of promotional packaging for your business, reusable bags have many benefits. The clear benefit is the likelihood that your customer will reuse your promotional packaging in their everyday life. After receiving their purchase in a promotional reusable bag, they will display your logo every time they use it again. They might grab your branded reusable bag when they head to the grocery store or make a trip to purchase everyday household items. During these regular, everyday events, your…

Cadence Packaging Group Follows the Frog

We are part of the vibrant movement to recognize interconnectedness.  At Cadence we have a growing dedication to sustainably sourced and ethically produced goods.  The Rainforest Alliance has been at the forefront of this movement since 1987.  Certification in the alliance benefits millions of people—farmers and foresters, governments and communities that depend upon conservation of forests and waterways.  Read more about it on the  Join us in Following the Frog!